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We offer content and marketing services for growing businesses.

We specialize in eBook design, creation, and publishing for a wide variety of niches and micro-niches. We create a host of designs to capture the attention of your audience to build your brand and increase market share. Our eye-catching and useful eBooks can your take your business to the next level.

Increase your email list, audience and client engagement by portraying a professional image while creating useful resources for current and future clients.

We can convert your content into eye catching eBooks that can be downloaded and read by people around the world. If you need help with developing content for your niche, we can also create documents from scratch.

Let us do the hard work for you. Our content and designs are part of top selling products throughout the internet and have received much acclaim because of their quality, creativity and visual appeal.


iMarketpost Design & Content Specialists

About us

With a background in design, content development, and website creation, our team is passionate about delivering useful and attractive content to help grow your business. Our team has a background in multiple industries and niches and offers a wide breadth of capability that is in high demand in the online world. We are based in the United States and speak native English.

Design Process


Deliver the Design

Once we’ve gone through the review process with you, we begin the final design(s).  Depending on your chosen option,  single or multiple designs will be provided  in 3 different .png files for you to use on your website.

After auctioning your feedback on the mock-ups your final designs will be delivered in 3 different sized pngs for you to use on the web.


Review Mock-Ups

During the process, we offer an interim review process. Once your initial designs are ready, you will have a chance offer input/updates before project completion.  Depending on the size of your project, there could be multiple review points.

Once the mock-up is approved, we will develop the final deliverable.


Plan the Project

Once we understand your project requirements, the next step is to outline the work schedule and propose a plan of action.  Our decades of experience in project management helps to ensure that there are no surprises in work completion.


We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer delivery.


Capture Requirements

The first step, after our initial contact, is to establish your project requirements. We’ll work directly with you to review content and design requirements and understand your overall project goals.


We set up a project communication process so we can work together to have effective requirements gathering. Throughout the process we provide regular updates on the status of your project.  Each project is different, and depending on the scope of the project, project duration will vary.

Feedback from our clients

  • I have been truly impressed with my very first experience in dealing with iMarketpost.

    I was completely put at ease by Lee’s friendly open manner, always making herself available to talk through ideas.

    " Walker "
  • Communication between Lee and our team was always first class, we were never left in doubt about the status of the project.
    She was always punctual & guided us through every step of the process.

    " Realty Investment Group "
  • Best and easiest eBook design solution on the planet. iMarketpost redefines excellence!

    " Kevin "
  • Lee was absolutely outstanding! I couldn’t have asked for more. In fact, Lee offered a service that was way beyond what I had asked for and more importantly, way beyond what I expected. Always friendly, always helpful, easy to contact, nothing was a problem for her!

    " Stacy J. "
  • Your service is second to none and your professional approach to the project made a huge difference to our team!

    " Jared G. "
  • Finally,someone we can work with, great communication and follow up!  And I was very pleased with the final product.

    " Meredith "

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